what we do

Project concept development

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product. Each project is goal specific and follows a sequential order based on technical requirements and interdependency. So, devising a proper plan, taking into account all the project constraints is a pre-requisite in order to achieve success. Our rich experience in this field and varying skill set enables us in formulating the right business model, resulting in a feasible project plan.

Project location search and finalization

Final products are inseparable from the location. Location has a strong influence on building design and its structural characteristics as well as technology which will be used during construction. Selection of adequate construction site location for future investment is complex, low structured and multi-criteria problem. Even the slightest blunder in site selection has a sizeable impact on the project destiny as this is an unalterable decision. We make a professional analysis of each site after taking into account, the investor’s desires and attitudes, as well as socioeconomic and environmental aspects in order to ensure a flawless site selection.

technical support and design coordination

Detailed design of building projects is a complex multidisciplinary process highly dependent upon effective aggregation of individual designs to produce a coherent set of final design documents. Throughout the detailed design process, changes are frequently introduced and need to be properly managed among the various members of the design team. Hence, the architectural design of the infrastructure must be well coordinated with other design faculties like structural design, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, BMS, fire and safety etc. The experience and expertise of our technical team can add great value addition in the process.

approval coordination

Legal approval coordination is the most tiresome hindrance confronting anyone planning to implement a project. The average retardation associated with bureaucratic procedures is often magnified by our unawareness of statutory factors associated with the project, further detaining the process. Many a statutory decisions, once taken can be conclusive and hence must be carefully devised. We act as a catalyst between the developer and approval authority. Our knowledge of what the approval authority expects, from prior experiences, will be utilized during design phase to develop a suitable design. We keep on with follow up process in the initial stages of operation phase.

construction management

The construction phase is important because the quality of the completed project is highly dependent on the workmanship and management of construction. Construction management is the foundation for every building project and the key to its success. The main motive of construction management is to sharply control and monitor the progress of a project in terms of cost, time and quality. Our technical team with hands on experience in numerous construction activities ensures that projects are completed in time and within budget, meeting necessary quality standards.

project HR management

Manpower is a valuable asset in construction in construction industry. Accomplishment of complex project tasks with required quality and precision within the given time frame without much wastage and loss requires the right team. We understand the role of the right team in determining a project’s success. We have a team of skilled engineers with experience in numerous construction projects. In addition to this existing team, we train and develop a new team when proven necessary for a project. Our HR team constantly recruits and trains our employees.

Project closeout

The purpose of the closeout phase is to conclude all facets of the project to the satisfaction of the upper management. This is the phase that is given least emphasis in general and team members often lose focus. This could markedly affect the projects entire life cycle. Close out requires a lot of formalities and procedures that ensures smooth operation of the project leading to the intended outcome of the project effectively and efficiently.

Project handover

Handover is not just a date, but a process. Although it is the ultimate stage of installation phase, it is the embryonic stage of the much longer operational and maintenance phase. We plan for it from inception of a project as we view it as an incremental transfer of knowledge and operation from the project team to owners. We adopt the smooth landing framework such as technical guidance in order to ensure the smooth transition from construction to occupation.

operational stage support

The initial phases of the operational life cycle any organization is often one of confusion and worry. Therefore we are ready to render our support to the client, if and when a need arises, due to new requirement, a change in function or any other cause in order to ensure a hassle free operational life cycle.