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Mankind’s advancements and achievements are visible examples of a project team’s accomplishments. From The Pyramids and The Taj Mahal to our homes, hospitals and schools, are results of such great efforts by project teams. Efficiency of project teams fuelling the missions, commissions and revolutions are what determines their success stories. Though differentiated by names such as Green Revolution, Mangalyaan etc, every achievement and progressive leap of society is unified by a common denominator; a project team working behind it, something we are all familiar with, in one way or another. We at PMC Velocity, an experienced and committed project team, offer the support you need in conceiving, coordinating, and completing the implementation of a diverse range of projects successfully.

Delivering your projects on time and on budget

We help project owners enhance the value of their investments. With comprehensive management strategies and project management services across all project types, we streamline operations, reduce costs, minimize risk and deliver quantifiable financial performance.

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The Velocity approach allows for projects to be started incorporating the peculiar needs of each client, with the client...

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